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You have entered the MastoBasoWiki – a platform to share and exchange knowledge about mast cells and basophils as well as related topics. The platform aims to serve as an informative tool for researchers, students and everyone interested in learning more about our favorite cells.

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Mast cell inhibitory receptors

Mast cells receptors – general description Mast cells (MC) are key effector cells in allergic inflammation (AI) but are also involved in regulating fibrosis, in

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Mast cell proteoglycans

Introduction A hallmark feature of mast cells from all species is their strong metachromatic staining with various cationic dues, such as Toluidine blue. These properties

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Mast cells activating receptors

General description Mast cells (MC) are best known for their crucial role in the allergic response, but their strategic location and richness of pre-stored and

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