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International Eosinophil Society 2nd webinar to be held on February 24th

The International Eosinophil Society 2nd Virtual Seminar, February 24th.  IES February Virtual Seminar: Eosinophils and CancerFebruary 24th9:30am-10:45am ET Invited Speakers:Prof. Ariel Munitz, Tel Aviv UniversityProf. Viktor Umansky, Heidelberg UniversityProf. Gabrielle Belz, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

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A granulocytic signature identifies COVID-19 and its severity

Summary Unsupervised mapping of leukocyte surface markers identified a granulocytic COVID-19 signature comprising eosinophil and basophil CRTH2 downregulation, increased counts of CD15+CD16+ neutrophils, and decreased granulocytic CD11b expression, while PDL1 checkpoint expression in basophils and eosinophils was associated with severity. Citation A granulocytic signature identifies

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AllergoOncology: ultra-low IgE, a potential novel biomarker in cancer-a Position Paper of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI)

Summary Elevated serum IgE levels are associated with allergic disorders, parasitosis and specific immunologic abnormalities. In addition, pidemiological and mechanistic evidence indicates an association between IgE-mediated immune surveillance and protection from tumour growth. Intriguingly, recent studies reveal a correlation between IgE deficiency and increased malignancy

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