European Mast Cell and
Basophil Research Network

Pavel Dráber

Microtubules and mast cell signaling

Activation of mast cells is characterized by dramatic changes in cell morphology, intracellular transport and exocytosis. All these processes depend on the activities of cytoskeletal filamentous structures – microtubules, microfilaments and intermediate filaments. Different regulatory pathways regulate cytoskeletal functions indispensable for mast cell degranulation. Microtubules

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Cytoskeletal drugs in studies of mast cell cytoskeleton

Proper activity of cytoskeletal proteins is necessary for processes accompanying the activation of mast cells (e.g. changes in cell morphology, enhanced cell adhesion to various substrates, migration, and exocytosis). The cytoskeleton of mast cells is formed by three types of filamentous structures: microtubules consisting of

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