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Announcement of COST training school in Uppsala Feb. 23-26 2015

“Identification of biological and pharmaceutical mast cell and basophil related targets (WG3)”

We like to welcome PhD-students and post-docs to the 3rd COST BM1007 training school on the ‘Identification of biological and pharmaceutical mast cell and basophil related targets’ February 23-26 in Uppsala, Sweden.

The school will be organized in the frame of the actions of Working Group 3 and will consist of stimulating lectures from experienced researchers on the following topics:

  • Targeting mouse mast cell proteases (Magnus Åbrink)
  • In vitro work with human mast cells and basophils – choose the right model system (Bettina M. Jensen)
  • Targeting miRNAs to modulate mast cell related allergic diseases (Madeleine Rådinger)
  • Metals as targets for modulation of mast cell function (Helena Öhrvik)
  • Targeting IgE-crosslinking and type 2 cytokines to dampen allergic reactions (Lars Hellman)
  • Molecules in degranulation as potential mast cell and basophil targets (Ulrich Blank)
  • The inflammation-induced recruitment of mast cell progenitors to tissues – a potential drug target? (Jenny Hallgren)
  • Modulating basophil activation and migration capabilities in autoimmune disorders (Nicholas Charles)

Each lecture will be followed by a discussion session. As a second part of the school the maximum 20 participants will be divided in 4 discussion groups each of which will discuss 4 hot topics. The trainers will rotate between the groups to facilitate the discussions. After this session, the groups will reconvene and each group will present one of the topics to all participants and be active in the final discussion aimed at drawing general conclusions. As a third part of the school all students will briefly present themselves and their research project to facilitate networking and possible future collaborations.

Overall goal: After participating in the school, the trainees should have gained knowledge on strategies and methods for the identification and study of new targets for mast cell and basophil driven diseases. The conclusions will be summarized in a position paper supported by the COST action. The training school will facilitate networking and possible collaboration between participants of the training school including trainers and invited speakers.

If you are interested to participate please email the organizer

  • An short abstract of your research project
  • A CV indicating your stage of career i.e. year of PhD/post-doc
  • A motivation to why you want to participate

Deadline for applications: 2014-12-17
Notification of participation: 2015-01-15

Successful applicants will have their meals and housing covered. They will also be reimbursed through COST up to 300 Euro for travelling expenses.

Very Welcome!

The organizing committee:Ulrich Blank (France), Bettina M. Jensen (Denmark), Madeleine Rådinger (Sweden), Magnus Åbrink (Sweden), Helena Öhrvik (Sweden), Jenny Hallgren (Sweden).

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